Kirsteen Lyons is the child of two artists who met at Glasgow art school in the sixties, got married, and fled the city to a remote Scottish island, to live on a beach, in a tent, with two kittens and a chest of drawers.

Growing up in a craft pottery, and later a cottage in the woods, Kirsteen planned to rebel, and have central heating and breakdown cover when she grew up!

Grow up she did, and studied textile design, not fine art (more rebellion). She did very well at university winning two prestigious competitions and getting a job with Muraspec (a wallpaper manufacturer) straight out of uni, it was new product development, so she went from there to other innovation companies,
and tried all sorts of middle class ideas out, including paying a mortgage, and working in PR, but soon found her parents were correct - they are very overrated ideas.

Kirsteen tried selling paintings on line, London markets, starting and running a craft fair, starting a gallery and pottery, starting and running a face painting business, and finally returned to textile design to freelance from home, and be mum to a daughter and a son.

After designing fashion fabrics for Amanda Kelly Design Studios for a few years, she has recently made the switch back to interior fabrics and wallpaper and signed with an established and prestigious studio in Europe.

She has now fully come to terms with her hippy origins and feels she belongs in middle class suburban England like a Bengal tiger belongs on a water slide! For this reason Kirsteen spent the last two years travelling Spain, France and Portugal on a camper van!

Kirsteen creates original paintings inspired by nature and travel. She has painted and designed all her life, at no time is she more herself than with brush in hand, or a sticky juice carton and shoes belonging to her kids! 😂💙🎨

Contact info:
Kirsteen Lyons (BA Hons)
+44 7799201417 Jewellery designed and made by me. Art book by me.


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